About AILA

AILA is a non-profit organisation working to raise awareness of international economic laws and practices operating in Africa relating to public and private commercial and economic transactions as well as the resolution of disputes arising from such transactions.  It does this by enhancing legal professional competence amongst African legal practitioners and by raising awareness of the existing expertise in international economic laws in African countries.

In these respects, AILA, which is authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales as an external Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider, organises and runs a series of training workshops and other exchanges of knowledge and provides a platform to promote recognition of African experts through our searchable online directory and our blog.  The blog, which allows for knowledge sharing and awareness of African international jurisprudence, regularly features articles on topical issues and legal updates from African jurisdictions.

To learn more about AILA, visit www.aila.org.uk