About AILA

AILA is a non-profit organisation working to build capacity and promote sustainable economic development in African countries through a series of training workshops and other exchanges of knowledge aimed at building legal professional competence among  practitioners. While we do not limit our activities to any one region, we have focused our work on Africa.  We offer lectures, conferences, seminars, pro bono legal advice and publications in international economic law, with a core focus on investment treaty law and arbitration.

AILA’s flagship programme is an annual week-long training programme in London on investment treaty law and arbitration, offered to government and private practice lawyers from across Africa.   The training is delivered on a pro bono basis by a team of the most eminent practitioners and supported by a distinguished Advisory Board.  AILA also delivers training tailored to the specific needs of a party in their home country.

To learn more about AILA, visit www.aila.org.uk